Our Story.

In November 2022, Jacqueline and myself decided to start The Larry Foundation.

Through the years we’ve become privileged with the life we were given and are grateful for that. But we realise that this is not a given in other communities around the world. 

A quote says : “Your passion becomes a purpose when you use it to serve others.”

We want to help children around the world who don’t ask the question: “What are we going to eat today?” But whom ask: “ARE we going to eat today?”

We want to help people where the term “Mental Health” is unknown or resources don’t exist to help live a better life.

We are probably not going to become the biggest foundation in the world but every effort will benefit the people in need.
We are currently exploring our preferred options to support the causes we believe in and will communicate our actions through our social media channels.
We are going to raise funding through multiple actions organised in our world of Motorsport :

  • All profits from our merchandising.
  • Auctions of motorsport collectibles.
  • Track events.

Our goal is to grow though the years and serve as much as we can.
Want to help us ? Contact us at info@laurensvanthoor.be.